Top 10 Baby Gifts and Toys for Toddlers – July 2013


10 Hot New Toys for Babies and Toddlers

These ten baby toys from Discovery Toys are academic, durable, intriguing to babies and best of all, they are lots of enjoyable! Discovery Toys products make great baby gifts due to the fact that they are timeless, durable toys.

1. Discovery Toys Hammer Away
Hammer Away is an essential playroom toy for babies. Sturdy and compact, this colorful watercraft enables baby to match colorful plastic balls to the openings in the watercraft’s top and then hammer them through the watercraft until the balls wind their way out into the waves below.

2. Discovery Toys BusyTime Playbox
Made for babies 18 months and up, the Busy Time Playbox has spinning cog wheels, bright colors, intriguing patterns, and a cool side entry that permits baby to retrieve the shape sorter blocks easily to start once again. A tough handle lets baby carry this preferred toy anywhere.

3. Discovery Toys Castle Marbleworks Play Tower
Castle Marbleworks may be a kid’s toy, but the whole household will delight in developing paths for the extra-large marbles to tumble down. For babies 24 months and up, Castle Marbleworks has numerous ramp pieces that can be organized in lots of various methods to make brand-new courses. The heavy marbles are dropped into the turret cup at the top to jingle and clatter all the way down when baby has constructed a marble tower. Babies and toddlers are captivated by this great cause-and-effect teaching toy.

4. Discovery Toys Measure Up Cups
These easy stacking cups will end up being a favorite for moms and dads and babies. Vibrantly colored and made from strong plastic, Measure Up Cups have actually scalloped leading edges for simpler scooping, animal prints on the bottom for printing in molding clay, and numbers to assist baby boost math abilities. If baby fills cup 1 and cup 4 with water, the water can be disposed of out to fill cup 5, giving baby a lesson in volume and addition.

5. Discovery Toys Safari Land Sensory Playmat
The Safari Land Sensory Playmat can be utilized as soon as baby is born, giving your baby something fascinating to stare at while laying on the floor. As baby expands, this task health club has teething toys, musical components, lots of animal pals, and sufficient activity to keep toddlers busy for hours. The Safari Land Sensory Playmat is a terrific baby gift that will continue to be used through the toddler years.

6. Green Toys Rocket
This area toy won’t just look adorable in your toddler’s room, it offers lots to do– with two doors, a removable nose and two astronauts. Plus, you can feel good about the reality that it’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers. Available March 2013, $25,

7. Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo
Okay, this toy is visiting be big this year. When your tot caress Elmo– he caress back. And when he lies down, he sings a lullaby. He even understands when he’s being carried upside down. You seriously will not believe how realistic this Elmo is. Readily available fall 2013, $60,

8. B. Toys Ballyhoo
The perfect toy for babies checking out shapes, colors and textures, the Ballyhoo is one big ball that holds five smaller sized balls. Each ball feels and looks various, and baby will be captivated pulling them out and attempting to get them back in. Available now, $23,

9. K’s Kids Pop Blocs Crocodile
You could know Melissa and Doug as the “wooden toy” brand name, however the traditional toy business is coming out with new, softer toys just for young babies, like this lovable snap-together croc. Readily available August 2013, $20,

10. Playskool Pop ‘N Pick Up Elefun
Toddlers get a lot of energetic have fun with this adorable push toy. Roll it over the balls, and it picks them up, then pops them out of the trunk. You’ll appreciate that the balls save in the manage and in the back of the elephant. Readily available fall 2013, $30,

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